The Audio Version of the Best Novel from Charles Dickens

Great Expectations audiobook is the audio version of a novel that many people consider as merely the best from Charles Dickens. The book is about an orphan named Pip who spends most of his childhood in poverty and misery. At one particular moment, an anonymous person offers Pip the chance to become a respected gentleman.

This beneficial act transforms Pip’s life from one of misery to one of wealth. In the audio story, you will hear all the different characters from the book: a mysterious convict named Abel Magwitch, the kind blacksmith Joe Gargery, Miss Havisham (the eccentric woman), the beautiful Estella, the pompous Pumblechook and Pip’s roommate, Herbert Pocket.

Pip meets convict Magwitch in a scary graveyard. But, this is just the beginning of the story, and you can listen to the rest of it while you lay down in bed, relaxed. A series of events occur that will change the life of Pip forever. You will be the witness of how the protagonist uses his expectations as a guide through his whole life. Would you prefer to read the story of Pip or you would like to listen to it just as you would listen to a story near a campfire? The second variant would be better.

Great Expectations Audiobook

Many people don’t have the patience to read a book, even if it’s just a novel. Hardcover books are becoming a thing of the past since audiobooks can provide an improved experience. One of the advantages of listening to an audiobook is that you can download it in an mp3 format and listen to it while you walk, sit on the couch, lay down in bed, perform exercises and in many other conditions.

If you want to feel the depth of the story that Charles Dickens has created in Great Expectations, you should get the audiobook version. With a length of more than sixteen hours, you will be entertained for a long time. The book is taught in school, but not many children like to read.

Maybe you could convince your child to listen to the story. It will be captivating for sure. You will stimulate the child’s desires to listen to other stories as well. Based on a masterpiece from Charles Dickens, Great Expectations audiobook brings a classical story of fiction back to life with the help of technology.

You can get the Great Expectations audiobook now for a minimal price and see for yourself how great it can be to listen to one of the classic novels. If you have already read the book, it would be amazing to be able to hear it. Get Great Expectations audiobook by Charles Dickens right now.