Becca Battoe Narrates Fifty Shades of Grey Audio Book

Becca Battoe narrates the audiobook version of the New York Bestselling, 50 Shades of Grey. Ms. Battoe does an excellent job of delivering the dialogue between Steele and Grey in a manner that it seems as if there are a duo of narrators. With that being said, the 19 hours of audio becomes an even more enjoyable and intriguing experience. Admittedly, there are times when Becca’s delivery of the voices of male characters is slightly awkward and humorous, but overall she does a decent job.

It is most impressive and convincing how Becca portrays Christian Grey. His smooth confidence as well as his intermediate domineering nature. She is able to capture impeccably Grey’s range of emotions as well as the fact they swing like a clock pendulum.

As intently as Becca could deliver through audio singularly the complexity of the internal working of Christian Grey, it is not carried over to the aspects of the book that made it famous. For as it pertains to the overtly sexually explicit portions of the audiobook, it becomes awkwardly humorous. Every moment of the highly descriptive sexual exploits between the main characters were obviously something that our narrator was not thoroughly prepared for.

As wonderful and blood boiling as the book series and movie are for the public at large, it is quite evident that 50 shades of grey audio book narration should be left to the professionals. No offense to Becca Battoe, but her deliver of Steele and Grey are great, but all other aspects distract sporadically from the theme of the book. For those that have been intrigued into the audiobook by their friends that indulged in the paperback, while not find the same vigor or imagination racing, libido charging experience.

Moreover, should you want to experience all that is the kinky domination that is Christian Grey along with the sexual awakening that engulfs Steele, the paperback version is your very best option. You will enjoy the experience of the audiobook version of 50 Shades of Grey, but not for what E.L. James originally penned. It will be for the intermittent humor and adolescent auditory blushing by way of the narrator. Especially those that intend to view the film after completing the novel, the audiobook is not the optimal choice.

It is not that Becca Battoe is horrible in regards to the narration of the graphically and explicit novel, it is just it needed a man’s touch and a woman that is more in touch with her own sexuality.