A Clash of Kings Audiobook is a Phenomenal Listening Experience

Clash of Kings AudiobookGeorge R.R Martin’s critically acclaimed novel series A Game of Thrones and its series A Song of Ice and Fire have gained a massive following and an equally popular offshoot TV series. It has also been adapted and converted into an audiobook format due to its massive success. The novel’s second book entitled “A Clash of Kings” follows the unique and unforgettable cast into another breathtaking adventure- The Seven Kingdom continues after the death of King Robert Baratheon, Arya Stark’s solo flight into the wilds and the incoming invasion of the gathering barbarians.

The series a clash of kings audiobook is no less as excellent and faithful to its original medium. It is narrated by the aptly cast Roy Dotrice and he provides a superb voice to the already outstanding series. Roy Dotrice himself has won numerous awards, among them a Guiness World Record for the number of characters he has lent a voice to in the Game of Thrones. Listening to the narration provides a different experience from the book and adds to the overall experience. Get ready for a satisfying and deeply enchanting 38-hour audiobook that is highly rated and recommended by its myriad fans. Each book in the series may be long but the overall tale and plot does not drag and even manages to captivate the listener all throughout. The audiobook version is well-liked for its beautiful narration as well as its pick-up-and-play style medium- listen while on commute or driving, while working or exercising. Those who have finished reading the first and second book and are looking for more A Game of Thrones medium to absorb can look no further than listening to the audiobook version of the first book and the second one, which is A Clash of Kings. It is a must-buy and a must-listen for any Game of Thrones fanatic.