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What is Egyptology?

Egyptology is the term used in referring to the study of ancient Egypt. This encompasses her history, religion, language, art, literature, culture and architecture. In essence, the study focuses on Egypt’s happenings starting from the 5th millennium (BC) to the 4th Century (AD).

Egyptology is said to have been started by the Egyptians themselves. Some of the early iconic Egyptians who played a key role in this field include Thutmose IV and Prince Khaemweset who restored The Sphinx and, identified and restored various historic temples, tombs and buildings, including the pyramids respectively. Today, people who specialize in Egyptology are referred to as Egyptologists. Interestingly, while Americans categorize this field under archaeology, Europeans regard it as a philological discipline.

Although people from all around the world have been keenly studying Egypt’s mysteries for years, modern Etymology is approximated to have started in 1822. This started shortly after Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt. It’s during this time that Europeans started coming in touch with early Egypt’s source materials with the likes of Ippolito Rosellini, Thomas Young, Jean Francois Champollion and Karl Richard Lepsius gaining worldwide recognition. However, it wasn’t until William Matthew Flinders Petrie introduced different field preservation methods such as excavation, field preservation and recording that Egyptology started being deemed as a professional line of work. It’s through this that new and highly famed scholars, like Howard Carter, Florence Nightingale and Harriet Martineau started travelling to Egypt and publishing their personal and professional accounts about their experiences in the country.

As of today, there exist various colleges and universities that offer Egyptology related degrees and programs. Examples of these include USA’s Yale University, University of Chicago, New York University and, UK’s University of London, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford among others. However, it is the German learning institutions that are best known for producing the best Egyptologists.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that Egyptology has played a key role in shaping the way humankind leads their lives. For instance, it’s has led to further research and proposals on adopting the same preservation methods used in preserving bodies in the past and, constructions that emulate ancient building techniques. In addition to this, Egyptology is fun, stimulating, inspiring, helps in adding substantial knowledge about past events and, gives insight in regards to how we live our lives. Therefore, learning about Egypt’s history is not just a thing for the scholars, but also for travelling enthusiasts, linguistics, religious people as well as people who want to be marveled by nature.

Another Shade of Grey with Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker is an erotic novel authored in 2012 by a British writer, E.L. James. It is the second book of the Fifty Shades trilogy that narrates the developing relationship between Anastasia Steele, a college graduate, and Christian Grey, a young business entrepreneur. Vintage Books is the publisher of the hardcopies, but the novel is also available online in digital formats such as PDFs and EBooks. In fact, the online PDFs and EBooks formats are most popular because of their relative ease of access. You get the fifty shades darker in PDF format from several sites for free. The novel is one of the best-selling books of all times in the U.S. It features Christian Grey, Anastasia, Elena Lincoln, Eliot Grey, Mia Grey, Jack Hyde, and Jason Taylor as the main characters.

50 Shades Darker Plot Summary

The second novel in the Fifty Shades of Grey series starts with Anastasia “Ana” having been hired by Editor Jack Hyde as his personal assistant at Seattle Independent Publishing firm. Christian emails her for an invitation to a show. She shows up and they reconcile, and thereafter go to a restaurant together. He later tells Ana that he is now the new owner of SIP, but she in turn gets angry because he is interfering with her career. He does all this to secure Ana and keep her away from Jack who keeps on demanding sexual favors from her.

It is at the Grey’s residence that Ana gets to meet Elena Lincoln. Ana gets to known that both Elena and Christian have a salon business together. At work, Ana gets disturbed by Leila Williams, a former submissive to Christian. Leila tries to hurt Ana while at her house, but Christian intervenes in time to save her life. She becomes angry and Christian fears that she would leave again. After Christian’s trip to Portland, Ana thinks of her future and ends up accepting his marriage proposal. As the novel comes to an end, the Grey’s organize a huge birthday party for Christian where Ana and Elena have confrontations. Finally, Christian proposes to Ana and she gladly accepts.

A Clash of Kings Audiobook is a Phenomenal Listening Experience

Clash of Kings AudiobookGeorge R.R Martin’s critically acclaimed novel series A Game of Thrones and its series A Song of Ice and Fire have gained a massive following and an equally popular offshoot TV series. It has also been adapted and converted into an audiobook format due to its massive success. The novel’s second book entitled “A Clash of Kings” follows the unique and unforgettable cast into another breathtaking adventure- The Seven Kingdom continues after the death of King Robert Baratheon, Arya Stark’s solo flight into the wilds and the incoming invasion of the gathering barbarians.

The series a clash of kings audiobook is no less as excellent and faithful to its original medium. It is narrated by the aptly cast Roy Dotrice and he provides a superb voice to the already outstanding series. Roy Dotrice himself has won numerous awards, among them a Guiness World Record for the number of characters he has lent a voice to in the Game of Thrones. Listening to the narration provides a different experience from the book and adds to the overall experience. Get ready for a satisfying and deeply enchanting 38-hour audiobook that is highly rated and recommended by its myriad fans. Each book in the series may be long but the overall tale and plot does not drag and even manages to captivate the listener all throughout. The audiobook version is well-liked for its beautiful narration as well as its pick-up-and-play style medium- listen while on commute or driving, while working or exercising. Those who have finished reading the first and second book and are looking for more A Game of Thrones medium to absorb can look no further than listening to the audiobook version of the first book and the second one, which is A Clash of Kings. It is a must-buy and a must-listen for any Game of Thrones fanatic.

The Audio Version of the Best Novel from Charles Dickens

Hreat Expectations audiobook is the audio version of a novel that many people consider as simply the best from Charles Dickens. The novel is about an orphan named Pip who spends most of his childhood in poverty and misery. At one particular moment, an anonymous person offers Pip the chance to become a respected gentleman.

This beneficial act transforms Pip’s life from one of misery to one of wealth. In the audio story, you will hear all the different characters from the book: a mysterious convict named Abel Magwitch, the kind blacksmith Joe Gargery, Miss Havisham (the eccentric woman), the beautiful Estella, the pompous Pumblechook and Pip’s roommate, Herbert Pocket.

Pip meets convict Magwith in a scary graveyard. But, this is just the beginning of the story and you can listen to the rest of it while you lay down in bed, relaxed. A series of events occurs that will change the life of Pip forever. You will be the witness of how the protagonist uses his own expectations as a guide through his whole life. Would you prefer to read the story of Pip or you would like to listen to it just as you would listen to a story near a campfire? Obviously, the second variant would be better.

Great Expectations Audiobook

Many people don’t have the patience to read a book, even if it’s just a novel. Hardcover books are becoming a thing of the past since audiobooks can provide an improved experience. One of the advantages of listening to an audiobook is that you can download it in an mp3 format and listen to it while you walk, sit on the couch, lay down in bed, perform exercises and in many other conditions.

If you really want to feel the depth of the story that Charles Dickens has created in Great Expectations, you should definitely get the audiobook version. With a length of more than sixteen hours, you will be entertained for a long time. The book is taught in school, but not many children like to read.

Maybe you could convince your child to listen to the story. It will be captivating for sure. You will stimulate the child’s desires to listen to other stories as well. Based on a masterpiece from Charles Dickens, Great Expectations audiobook brings a classical story of fiction back to life with the help of technology.

You can get the Great Expectations audiobook now for a minimal price and see for yourself how great it can be to listen to one of the classic novels. If you have already read the book, it would be amazing to be able to hear it. Get Great Expectations audiobook by Charles Dickens right now

Becca Battoe Narrates Fifty Shades of Grey Audio Book

The audiobook version of the New York Bestselling, 50 Shades of Grey is narrated by Becca Battoe. Ms. Battoe does an excellent job of delivering the dialogue between Steele and Grey in a manner that it seems as if there are a duo of narrators. With that being said, the 19 hours of audio becomes an even more enjoyable and intriguing experience. Admittedly, there are times when Becca’s delivery of the voices of male characters is slightly awkward and humorous, but overall she does a decent job.

It is most impressive and convincing how Becca portrays Christian Grey. His smooth confidence as well as his intermediate domineering nature. She is able to capture impeccably Grey’s range of emotions as well as the fact they swing like a clock pendulum.

As intently as Becca could deliver through audio singularly the complexity of the internal working of Christian Grey, it is not carried over to the aspects of the book that made it famous. For as it pertains to the overtly sexually explicit portions of the audiobook, it becomes awkwardly humorous. Every moment of the highly descriptive sexual exploits between the main characters were obviously something that our narrator was not thoroughly prepared for.

As wonderful and blood boiling as the book series and movie are for the public at large, it is quite evident that 50 shades of grey audio book narration should be left to the professionals. No offense to Becca Battoe, but her deliver of Steele and Grey are great, but all other aspects distract sporadically from the theme of the book. For those that have been intrigued into the audiobook by their friends that indulged in the paperback, while not find the same vigor or imagination racing, libido charging experience.

Moreover, should you want to experience all that is the kinky domination that is Christian Grey along with the sexual awakening that engulfs Steele, the paperback version is your very best option. You will enjoy the experience of the audiobook version of 50 Shades of Grey, but not for what E.L. James originally penned. It will be for the intermittent humor and adolescent auditory blushing by way of the narrator. Especially those that intend to view the film after completing the novel, the audiobook is not the optimal choice.

It is not that Becca Battoe is horrible in regards to the narration of the graphically and explicit novel, it is just it needed a man’s touch and a woman that is more in touch with her own sexuality.

Polish archaeologists have discovered a tomb of a vizier in the temple of Hatshepsut

Polish-Egyptian team of archaeologists have discovered in Egypt in the temple of Queen Hatshepsut an Egyptian tomb of a vizier from the 25th dynasty (8th — 7th century BCE) says the head of the Polish mission in Deir el Bahari, Dr. Zbigniew E. Szafrański. The tomb had earlier been plundered but some fragments of mummy remained as well as beautiful painted cartonnage.

From 1961 the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology mission, University of Warsaw, has been reconstructing the temple of Queen Hatshepsut of the 14th century BCE. Amongst other things they have found items belonging to the temple sanctuary of Amun-Re, the main courtyard and the portico with monumental images of Queen Hatshepsut in the form of the god Osiris.

Poles continue to reconstruct the 3rd, highest, terrace of the temple. Near the terrace were found even earlier tombs of the dignitaries from the 23rd and 25th dynasties.

Lately the Polish explorers happened upon a tomb shaft carved into the rock-face. At the end at a depth of 8 metres was found a burial chamber.

“The tomb had been plundered. We don’t know whether in antiquity or in more recent times, however we have found fragments of the mummy. On the basis of the inscriptions found in the tomb we suspect that buried there was the vizier Padiamonet who died in the 27th year of the rule of the pharaoh Piankhi (Pije) from the 25th dynasty” explains Szafrański.

Apart from the tomb of the vizier, the archaeologists also discovered three different plundered burial chambers. At the moment it is difficult to say who is buried there. [Forensic-]Anthropologists are to determine this next year based on analysis of the remains of the mummy.

In the tomb-chamber of the vizier, [were found] part of the deceased’s endowments — cartonnage (a type of cover in which the mummy is placed) as well as bandages in which the mummy was bound.

Cartonnage made of layers of clothes, glue, crushed lime, gypsum, and so-called gesso. The finished cover was painted.

“On the cartonnage beautiful, ornate, colourful pictures [in which] you can read in hieroglyphs the name of the vizier. It is also visible on the fragments of the bandages” says Dr. Szafrański.

Apart from the tomb within the rock-face, the investigators came across other more recent very unusual interesting finds. The remains of endowments of an early Christian church from the 6th — 8th century AD [including] wooden alter bulkheads(?).

Construction of the church was made in the ruins of the highest terrace of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. “Alongside the remains of the wooden equipment and furniture we found fragments of utensils and so-called ostraca on which the monks wrote letters, shopping lists, receipts and accounts, amongst themselves” added Dr. Szafrański.

The Polish mission in Deir el Bahari has reconstructed three unusual important elements of the highest terrace — the overhead [highest?] courtyard (the place where the most important festivities occurred), the Coronation Portico with statues of the queen, as well as the main sanctuary of the god Amun-Re, the most important place in the temple.

Polscy archeolodzy odkryli grób wezyra w świątyni Hatszepsut, Szymon Łucyk, PAP – Nauka w Polsce, Poland, February 22, 2006. Translated by Andrew Bak, March 06, 2006.